KoalaPhascolarctos cinereus

Koala at Gold Coast City Council area

Phascolarctos cinereus at Gold Coast City Council area - 9 Nov 2015

Identification history

Koala Phascolarctos cinereus 11 Nov 2015 MillieK Confirmed

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Sighting information

  • Phascolarctos cinereus Scientific name
  • Koala Common name
  • Gold Coast City Council area Location
  • Absent Abundance
  • MillieK Recorded by
  • 9 Nov 2015 Recorded on
  • Mobile app Reported via
  • Notes:
    I am having trouble with the app and have finally got it working- but now it is trying up upload all the failed attempts to report a sighting from Monday 9 November. There is no 'delete' option in the app. Sorry!

Sensitivity key

  • Sensitive

Phascolarctos cinereus locations

Phascolarctos cinereus has been recorded at:

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