KoalaPhascolarctos cinereus

Koala at Kurrajong Hills, NSW

Phascolarctos cinereus at Kurrajong Hills, NSW - 22 Nov 2015

Identification history

Koala Phascolarctos cinereus 2 Dec 2015 hsmi7628 Confirmed

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hsmi7628 wrote:
   3 Dec 2015
I made this sighting on behalf of Eric Finley, who initially recorded the koala sighting on the eremaea bird sighting website: www.eremaea.com.

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Sighting information

  • Phascolarctos cinereus Scientific name
  • Koala Common name
  • Kurrajong Hills, NSW Location
  • 2 Abundance
  • hsmi7628 Recorded by
  • 22 Nov 2015 Recorded on
  • Website Reported via
  • Notes:
    Habitat - the calls were coming from emergent Grey Gums in Western Sydney Rainforest remnants along Blue Gum Creek, surrounding hillsides are open sclerophyl dominated by iron bark, turpentine and grey gum. I suspect this creek is an important corridor for these animals as my only local records and anecdotes I have heard from other local residents mostly relate to the slopes above the creek. It is under increasing pressure from water pumping and clearing. Observation details - first calls were heard just before sunset on 22 Nov. This was a distressing wailing kind of call, very loud and carrying across the valley, which I think may be the female? I looked for the animal and narrowed the call down to a couple of emergent eucalypts by the creek but was unable to see due to thick midstory. After dark about 2000 there was the more familiar big cat type call which I assumed was the male. Calls were about every 20-30 minutes until about 2300. Last heard at 0300.

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